Searching for the Real Frank T. Hopkins (Horses from History, Volume 2)

When the movie, Hidalgo, was released in 2004, Frank T. Hopkins became a controversial person. Extensive research has uncovered verifiable facts and identified material he had actually dictated to his wife, Gertrude. The result is a biography based on this information. It includes reprints of all of his unpublished and published work on horses, horsemanship, and endurance riding.

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I have just published a new book, Spanish Horsemen and Horses in the New World.

Pt. 1 – The Remarkable Vaqueros

Pt.2 – Spanish Horses.

Historical analysis has bee applied to discover the answers to three questions:

What contributions did the vaqueros make to the development of western horsemanship?

What types or breeds of horses did the Spanish bring to the New World?

What happened to these horses after they reached North and South America?

Paperback $15.95 e-book $6.95

Well illustrated with drawings by Jo Mora and Candy Liddy.

A new edition of this fascinating memoir has just been released. The story is the same, but more photographs have been added. The e-book version format has been improved and all the photographs are in color.

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My novel was originally published in 2010 under the title of Heart of a Falcon. The second edition has just been published under the title of Quest for the Silver Mustang.

New Book Review

“What a wonderful book! 

 Janice Ladendorf explains very clearly how horses think, and how they react to humans. I hope that this book will open people’s eyes and give horses a better chance of being treated fairly by the people who deal with them.”

 David William DeWispelaere, classical dressage clinician, trainer, and rider. 


Great review of my new book.

“Janice Ladendorf’s Human Views and Equine Behavior is written as a thorough, scholarly examination of the basis of horse behavior and how it is interpreted by humans. This is a book intended for those wanting a deeper understanding of the inner works of the equine mind, a subject the author has studied over five decades of work as an author, horse trainer, and behavior specialist. The book is illustrated with dozens of informative photos, and each section emphasizes both analysis and application of modern as well as traditional training methods – all detailed through the perspective of behavioral insight. Going well beyond the usual horse ‘guru-speak’, this is an important book in the field on interspecies communication, an opportunity to examine completely the entire workings of the mind of the horse, and how the psychology of our own viewpoints impact its training process. A fascinating, eye-opening look at the structure of the human-equine bond.”

 Lyne Raff, Editor, Art Horse Magazine (


 Viewer Comments on my new DVD.

“I was amazed at how readily Skan learned and accepted orders from his human. I noticed how she only gave him small steps to learn and built upon that through which he learned to trust and be willing to do what she asked of him. The two of them demonstrated that with patience and persistence a wonderful bond of trust and communication can be achieved between man and animal.”


“This DVD shows the progression of communication between the horse and his owner. It is done with infinite patience. The horse is alert and interested in the lessons and seems happy to be engaged. Although there are terms that those persons not familiar with ‘horse language’ might not understand, it is easy to understand the lessons.”

I now have available a supplement to my book, A Marvelous Mustang. This is a 45 minute DVD that shows us working together over months and years as my mustang learned what he needed to know to live with humans. Topics covered are leading, in hand work, lunging, ground driving, and backing (breaking).

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Humans need to see horses as they really are, not as they believe or want them to be. In my new book, I have used my extensive research to illuminate my sixty-five years of experience with horses and horse people. The result is book for serious horsemen, thinking riders, and horse lovers. Read it to find out how human beliefs affect equine behavior, to discover new ideas about equine abilities, and to learn how horses can understand the language of the aids.

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